Management Team


Industry Leaders

Our management and trade experience in the commercial painting arena covers administrative, operational and organisational areas. At Grange Banks Commercial Coatings we’re a tight-knit team, led by three of the most experienced men in the business.

Ken Smith


Ken has more than twenty years’ management experience in the commercial coatings sector, including senior management roles with larger multi-faceted contracting companies. He continually strives to improve our business with a strong focus on employee wellbeing, OH&S, and customer satisfaction.

Derek Brett


Derek, a principal of the business, has been involved in the commercial painting industry for more than ten years. As with all our team, Derek is a “hands on” director with a keen customer focus and an eye for finding the most cost-effective solutions for our clients. He is actively involved with all facets of the company from sales to project delivery.

Hadley Dron

Director/General Manager

Hadley has been operating within the major commercial sector for over ten years from ground level through to various senior management roles within the commercial coatings industry. As General Manager at Grange Banks Commercial Coatings, his main role is the day-to-day running of the company including procurement of new business in the commercial, industrial and municipal sectors, as well as maintaining all key client and staff relationships.


Grange Banks Commercial Coatings is committed to the safeguard of our environment. We engage in sustainable practices in our project planning decisions, the choice of products we use and through our on site work practices. Not only do we reduce the physical impact on the natural environment wherever possible, we responsibly dispose of waste products and choose our painting supplies carefully.
We encourage the use of Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) paint products in our applications and as the leading supplier of electrostatic spraying services in Victoria, our practices are environmentally friendly due to the nature of the spraying methods we implicate. Our electrostatic painting process averages up to 99% transfer efficiency to substrates, meaning we are more eco friendly than our competitors. With Grange Banks Commercial Coatings, your painting project can be environmentally conscious whilst achieving high quality, long lasting results.


We are supportive of young talented painters who are looking to advance their trade skills and experience in the commercial painting sector. We offer internships and apprenticeships so the next generation of painters can learn from the best. If you are interested in joining the Grange Banks Commercial Coatings team, contact us here.


Our work takes us across Victoria and Tasmania and we strive to deliver the best quality work to each client. Every project is tailor-made for the client and site. Payment plans can be constructed to suit you and your business. From small start-up businesses looking to make the right first impression to established companies moving to a new location, contact Grange Banks Commercial Coatings today for projects including office renovations and building or asset reconditioning.