Grange Banks Commercial Coatings is proud to hold membership and accreditation from the Painting Contractor Certification Program, or PCCP. So how does this accreditation affect our painting services and why should you consider hiring our painters as a result?

The Painting Contractor Certification Program is a registered trademark in the Commonwealth of Australia which was started in 1992 as a joint initiative between the Commonwealth and the painting industry itself. Both parties believed it was important to begin regulating, or at least setting standards for companies offering painting services. For decades prior to the founding of the PCCP, the Australian Paint Approval Scheme (APAS) had been regulating paints, commercial coatings and applicators themselves but nothing was in place to deal with the personnel behind the machinery and supplies. The PCCP has the power to accredit painting contractors who comply with certain defined minimum performance standards. These standards include:

  • Quality systems
  • Satisfied customers
  • Skilled and experienced personnel

Grange Banks not only demonstrates compliance with these standards but we continue to hold our membership with PCCP in the presence of regular audits, designed to ensure the ongoing quality of services. When you hire a commercial painting contractor who holds a PCCP accreditation, you know you’re hiring quality painters.

If you want to take advantage of our PCCP-accredited painting services, contact Grange Banks today and find out how our team of experts can assist you with your project.