Grange Banks Announcement

Hello All,

The Board of Directors at Enzel wish to share some exciting news and also announce a few changes to keep you fully informed about our business moving forward.

The current Board of Directors consists of the same three (3) Board Members we have had for the past five (5) years, being Derek Brett, Hadley Dron, and myself, Ken Smith.  We are an active and cohesive team looking to grow the Enzel business units of MFM and Grange Banks.

Our first new appointment is to announce that Hadley Dron will be stepping into the newly created role of CEO (Chief Executive Officer) for the Enzel Group as of today, 1st February, responsible to the Board for the MFM and Grange Banks businesses.  Previously Hadley has been responsible solely for the Grange Banks business with the Group.

We also congratulate Evan Andrews, who will be taking on the position of General Manager of Grange Banks and reporting directly to Hadley Dron. Evan has been an integral part of Grange Banks for the past nine years and we are extremely proud to make this appointment.

We look forward to a progressive 2018 and we believe with everyone on board we can excel!

Ken Smith

Director/ Chairman

Enzel Pty Ltd